May 262022

Hey Sally, sick of amusement park recaps? WELL TOO BAD. J/K, you get a reprieve for today and instead we will look at pictures that have been piling up on my phone.

  • I bought this velvet capelet thingie from Unlogical Poem and wore it TO WORK (still feels weird typing that!) on Tuesday. I felt super regal. It was a super shitty day, work-wise, but wearing this made me feel less stabby, so it turned out to be a good purchase, I guess. Aside from this, the best part about being in the office was that my friend Nate was there as a surprise – I haven’t seen him since March 2020 but he’s one of the  people I chat with the most at work so it was awesome to get to bullshit IRL, like the old days! Then, after lunch, we did a few laps with Sandy around the quadrants while Chariots of Fire played on Nate’s phone. We picked up Sharon along the way, but Lucas said, “No, I’m good.”

  • Holy shit, we collected a major Sugar Spell bounty on Sunday! Two of these pints were actually from the week before – Amanda held them for us since we were out of town and I couldn’t possibly pass up  the chance to spoon some vegan Texas Sheetcake into my big fat yap. But then the next pint drop was irresistible as well, so I had to buy four of those two. Turns out, I was the FIRST ORDER when it went live on Friday, so they threw in two half pints for us as well! I HAD NO IDEA THAT THEY DID THIS. Also, in the last two years, how have I never been FIRST before?? I set a fucking timer for their pint pre-orders, for god’s sake!!

  • Did I post this before? I bought a Stray Kids shirt on Etsy to wear to the concert next month and it is so effing adorable, I can’t stand it. I asked Henry if he wanted one too but he didn’t answer me with words, just smirks.


  • Here’s our latest home decor project. I have been stressed over the pantry almost since the beginning of the kitchen refresh. I just didn’t like the huge opening and how quickly cluttered it got, filled with cereal boxes and other junk (well, non-perishables, not actual junk). Especially when Henry knocks shit over and then creates a pile of whateverthefuck – it gives me hives. I don’t think I’m clinically OCD but I definitely get nervous when things are out of place or cluttered. So I came up with a plan to use a thrifted denim skirt as a curtain, if you will. Henry stonewashed it and then it proceeded to sit in the basement for MONTHS before I was finally like, “OK, time to move this project to the top of the list” so I paint-splattered it and then Henry FINALLY cut and sewed it (aka the boring She’s Crafty stuff). I had been collecting pins and patches from the 80s since last year, so I was super happy to finally get to display them. Before my readers in the firefighting industry get all bent out of shape, please note that Henry thought ahead and hung this using snaps so that it’s easily removable for when we’re (lol “we’re”) using the right side of the stove.

I LOVE CHUCK MANGIONE SO MUCH. His music reminds me of going to Blue Flame with my Pappap.

  • I can walk around Pittsburgh on Tuesdays! I missed my downtown walks, although it’s gotten pretty sketch down there in pandemic times.

In honor of the new Stranger Things season dropping soon, I will leave you with the latest MV from the super talented Kang Daniel (I still miss WANNA ONE so much).

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