Jul 092022

I literally cannot handle myself today. Chooch leaves early tomorrow morning and the tears are a’looming. I cried in the car on the way home from the Elizabeth farmer’s market and he wasn’t even with us (little brat slept until noon!!!).

I do not have the mental verve right now to post anything of substance so let’s enjoy some pictures of the phone I made Henry buy me last weekend at the Rocket in Ypsilanti. It was the candied pastels that originally caught my eye, but the fact that the handset actually works is what sealed the deal. I am the queen of dumb novelty purses! My collection is so stupid but I love each and every one of them, even though 90% of them are not very functional.

I love that it matches the kitchen and my fave windbreaker thing!

P.S. I also recently treated myself to that sweet ass Lost Boys art poster. Lost Boys is hands down my favorite movie and it’s the perfect addition to the 1980s Dream Kitchen.

I hate myself sometimes lol ugh.

OK, off to take Chooch to say goodbye to his grandma and then, if he ever decides where he wants to go, a Bon Voyage dinner. This seemed like such a great idea way back when we started filling out all the applications etc back in December but now that tomorrow is officially the day he leaves me for a month, I am having Big Regertz.

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