Apr 242008

Currently, I am feeling very jaded on the friend tip. I’ve realized recently that holy shit, I have a lot of selfish assholes in my life.

Currently, I am feeling frustrated at work and I think my boss has picked up on that because she asked me if I want to order Thai tomorrow. It’s my favorite and I always get vetoed. What’s up, Kim? SCARED?

Currently, I do nothing but listen to Pierce the Veil and shiver.

Currently, one of the people who replied to my Craigslist ad about the photo shoot will not back the fuck up off me. I get three emails from him a day and he’s essentially trying to take charge. This was supposed to be a fun and laid back thing and he’s turning it into a Hustler spread.

Currently, the only thing keeping me from hanging myself (this week) is the Chiodos show on Sunday. Ok fine, and my kid. God.

Currently, I’m probably the oldest person trying to do this.

Currently, I’m disenchanted with life, but excited because I finally realized what I want to do about it. Except that currently, I have no motivation.

Currently, my hair looks really great and really, isn’t that all life’s about anyway? 

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  1. Your really does look great!

    And you can always run away to dc.

  2. Tell that guy that you’ve cancelled the shoot. Seriously, he’ll make your life hell if he’s involved.

    • I’ve gone above that and said that I got a part-time job and won’t have weekends free anymore. Now there won’t be any rescheduling talk!

      Also, he was seriously trying to veer it into the land of crossdressing, which is ok, but I have my own set ideas for this one! So annoying.

    • Smart move!

      Of course you have your own ideas, it’s your shoot. I mean, if you’re collaborating with someone fine, but you were just looking for models. It’s OK for models to throw ideas out but not to take over.

  3. I’m totally jaded about friendships too, but I’m also a selfish asshole so I guess it balances out.

    I wish my hair looked great. =(

  4. Do you like Versus the Mirror? I dont really, but I have a zip up hoodie of theirs. If you want it its yours!

    (I acquired it from an ex who wouldnt take it back, now its sitting in a pile of boxes to be dealt with later)

  5. Currently, I am really, really, over everything.

    Currently, I feel like I am drowning.

    Currently, I am thinking you need to tell that guy to fuck off, or else he will mess up your whole project. Tell him who is boss.

    aaaand, I am totally plagiarizing this from you:

    Currently, I’m disenchanted with life, but excited because I finally realized what I want to do about it. Except that currently, I have no motivation.

  6. Currently, I’m glad I get your feed on my f’list because your lists (I don’t understand what Twitter is but it’s damn good stuff) have been cracking me the hell up lately.

    And I need to go and read the longer picture post too. I get so freaking behind, here, but I’m always reading, just so you know…

    We need pictures of your hair, obviously. Great hair days should be documented!

    • Aw!

      Twitter is pretty fun. You can give little updates throughout the day by either going to the site or you can text it, which is awesome because no matter where I am I can infect the Internet! You can have friends on their and if you want, you can have their “tweets” go right to your cell.

      I still read your posts too! It’s just now occuring to me that I never answered you about Fat Daddies, but Janna got me two of her cupcakes for Xmas and yes I agree with you — they’re fucking delicious!!

      MAYBE I’ll post a picture if I can take one without Eleanore thinking I’m a vain piece of shit, lol.

  7. “Currently, my hair looks really great and really, isn’t that all life’s about anyway?”

    omg- same!
    sad thing is we both know for me… that IS what my life is about.

    i’m sorry ppl suck. CHIODOS!

  8. i’ve been jaded on friendships for years. or most relationships in general. jaded doesn’t even describe it, really.

    tell that dude to fuck off. or i could kick his ass for you. lemme know!
    you’re going to the show! i was wondering, actually, cos i saw the pittsburgh date listed and, naturally, i thought of you!

    i hope your job situation gets better for you. forreals.

    • Thanks, Jenny — I hope your situation gets better too!

      This photo shoot has turned into an odyssey. I hope it doesn’t end up sucking! I just want to have some pretty pictures by the time it’s over. THAT’S ALL I WANT!

  9. actually, most of my problems are in my head, too.


    i really don’t have that much going on.

  10. Hi, you have me. How many more awesome friends do you need? Way to be greedy, kid. Geez.

    Also, tell that dude to fuck off before he turns into some kind of weird stalker.

    My hair looks fucking fabulous today so I’m not stressing about any of the important things in my life, like how I just ended my relationship with the man I love more than anything and how the boy I’m seeing now is also seeing a friend of mine and how I hate my job and how my bank account is severely overdrawn. LIFE IS GOOD WHEN HAIR IS GOOD.

  11. This is random, but one of my memories of middle school (and I was thinking about this today when I subbed there) is walking into the girls’ bathroom and it always smelled like Aquanet. Do you remember this? I think there was always a danger of being sprayed accidentally in the eyes by some high-banged 13 year old. Nowadays, those girls’ bathrooms don’t smell like anything.

    • Culprits:

      Megan Tima (forgot she existed until 13.7 seconds ago)
      Dawn Nassan
      Kendra Fuller
      Sandy the girl who was 5 yrs too old for junior high

    • wait omg do you remember bambi dawson? ahahahahaha!!!! and all the boys liked her even though she was butter face because she had a huge, squishy rack?

    • Oh yes, I remember Bambi. She was in my math class. Truly a butter face too.

      There were a couple of girls that were way too old to be in middle school, weren’t there? Dominque Belfiglio or something like that? She was about 16.

    • Yes, Dominique! She got pregnant and dropped out by ninth grade. I think Mary-Jo was also older than us.

    • Yeah, you’re right about Mary-Jo. And we all know she didn’t last long without having kids. I think if by 16 and in 8th grade, there’s not a whole lot of chance of a kid actually finishing high school.

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