Oct 102022

Cemeteries in October are my favorite places…

…even when I’m a walking obstacle while Henry is teaching Chooch how to drive :0

This past weekend wasn’t particularly extraordinary for any specific reason but it was just NICE. And sometimes NICE is more than we can ever hope for, right?

I’m off all week for my annual Hallocation – I took it earlier this year because we’re going to Newark on Thursday – Friday for the NCT127 concert (literally can’t type that without feeling weak in the knees) so I figured I’d just declare this my week of October lovin’.

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I don’t really have much else planned aside from reading, going on long walks, watching some horror shows/movies.

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I thought about hitting up some friends with flexible schedules to get lunch/brunch but my haunted house fund is over here like “don’t feed yourself, feed me.”


Today, I went on two long-ass walks, read, watched an episode of Midnight Society, talked to squirrels, and took Chooch driving :/

Speaking of reading though, I’m like 90% done with Her Majesty’s Royal Coven and I am screaming. It is SO GOOD!! I checked it out of the library and then was like “why did I do that, I’m predisposed to hate books like this” (fantasy) but it is EVERYTHING I didn’t know I needed right now. Love it.

So on that note, I’mma peace out, curl up next to Drew, and get this book finished.

Say it don't spray it.

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