Oct 282022

Hello. Here is my run-down of the books I read in September. Apologies in advance if it feels rushed but I was entrenched in a war with a HAWK this morning and have yet to get my body to calm down. IF IT COMES AFTER MY SQUIRRELS AGAIN I WILL PUNCH IT IN THE FUCKING HEAD I DO NOT CARE IF IT’S FEDERALLY PROTECTED. (You know this has been an ORDEAL when my apathetic son is alarmed and says, “Jesus Christ, please don’t wind up in the fucking hospital because you made a hawk attack you.”)

  1. Book Lovers – Emily Henry

Cute, quick read. I liked the small-town location and the banter. Emily Henry is a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for a light romcom escape.

2. Things We Never Got Over – Lucy Score

First of all, did this need to be 568 pages? Probably not. I thought it was quirky and fun, the characters had personality. I hated that the kid’s name was WAYLAY!? And that the dog’s name was WAYLON. (Or something similar that made it super confusing.)


I haaaaaaated that Knox eliminated “I” from every sentence. So he’d be like, “Need to…” or “Want to…” and maybe it was because I had the audiobook for this, but hearing the narrator actually speak this out loud was so grating. Very cavemannish. Maybe that was the intent??

Still though, it was entertaining enough. I’m not sure that I will continue along with the series, though I did give it 4 stars (probably more of a 3.5).

3. The Worst Best Man – Mia Sosa

Mediocre romance. It was fine. The audiobook kept me company on some walks.

4. The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School – Sonora Reyes

A decent coming-of-age book for LGBTQ+ young adults. Lots of drama. Love the book cover!!

The only thing I have to say about this is that I was on my lunchbreak walk one day listening to this when I got stopped by two young guys canvassing in front of CVS for ASPCA. Usually when I have headphones on, people leave me alone, but the one guy was like HELLO WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO.

I paused the book and said, “Oh, it’s um, just an audiobook.”

“Oh? Which book?”

“Um….” AND FOR SOME REASON I FELT TOO EMBARRASSED TO SAY!? So I just stammered, “It’s just a young adult book….”


Oh I guess because I’m 43 and reading about a lesbian in Catholic School, lol.

Anyway, 20 minutes later and I walked away with the new title, Erin R Kelly, ASPCA Guardian Member.

Literally, I just can’t say no to animal stuff. I already make semi-regular donations to ASPCA but now I’m signed up to make monthly contributions to the legal team that helps prosecute animal abusers. I am such an advocate for this stuff that when I said I didn’t have my wallet, I promised that I would come back after work and finish signing up, but as I walked away, I thought, “WAIT A MINUTE…MY APPLE PAY!” So I WENT BACK immediately to finish signing up, and they were legit shocked at my honesty.

That’s what I will associate with this book now.

5. Bright – Jessica Jung

Dude, the sequel to Shine that all Girl’s Generation (or kpop in general) fans have been waiting for. The tea was SPICY. I love Jessica Jung and while we may never know what really happened between Jessica and GG, this book doesn’t really leave much to the imagination. It was entertaining and juicy. Would you like it if you weren’t already in the know about the real-life drama? Mmm, maybe! But probably not.

6. I’m Glad My Mom Died – Jennette McCurdy

Is it really shocking anymore to find out that a child star has suffered unspeakable levels of abuse? I guess not, but I was still so appalled and disgusted while reading this (Jennette narrates the audiobook btw). I was a huge fan of iCarly when it was on because it was the first show that Chooch REALLY LOVED. And we REALLY LOVED it together. I mean, I have an iCarly pocketbook and messenger bag for fuck’s sake. We lost our minds at the series finale.

Jennette’s character, Sam Puckett, was our favorite and you know, when you latch on to a TV show, the characters start to feel like family or friends. Knowing all these years later the disgusting sexualization, abuse, psychological control, and multiple eating disorders that Jennette endured while filming a show that so many children around the world loved…it makes me feel gross. This is why former child stars are on drugs or commit suicide. The industry alone is abusive and then when your own family isn’t protecting you, but contributing to the abuse themselves…well, it’s no wonder we see so many beloved stars take a turn.

I’m glad that Jennette was finally able to break free from the industry. Protect this beautiful angel!!

7. The It Girl – Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is hit or miss for me, but I genuinely enjoyed this one. I love mystery/thrillers that bounce between present day and the past. This one is centered around the death of a man convicted a decade earlier of murdering an Oxford student. But there’s a reporter who doesn’t believe that he actually did it, and between the death of convicted murderer and this reporter asking those who knew the victim to sit for an interview, it’s forcing an old group of college friends to rehash the events leading up to the murder.

I thought it was entertaining! I liked the flashback parts the best. I kept picturing the “It Girl” as that bitch from the later seasons of Dawson’s Creek – Busy Phillips! Ugh, she’s so annoying.

8. Tripping Arcadia – Kit Mayquist

My Goodreads review: I was pretty bored throughout most of this, though it started off well enough to hook me. A big problem I had, and maybe this is me being a big dumb stoop, was that I had a difficult time really picturing what was going on and then it just got confusing as to who was doing what, re: the NYE party. I wish there had more to do with the aunt in Italy.

9. Good Rich People – Eliza Jane Brazier

That’s big NOPE from me, Bob.

I’m 0/2 with this author now so perhaps I will pass if/when she publishes a third.

10. The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling – Wai Chim

Wow, this one was darker than I expected, and really very sad about a mother struggling with mental illness. I appreciated that it didn’t have a happy ending, but a realistic one. Also it made me want to go hog-wild on a bowl of dumplings.

(Specifically kimchi and dubu mandu.)

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