Feb 182014

It’s Tuesday. Here is a blog post of no importance or actual substance. So basically, the usual.


  • Went to Eat n Park with these dum-dums on Saturday, after patronizing the Castle Blood Valentine’s show (more on that later this week). I was watching Chooch at the salad bar and it was cracking me up so bad. Obviously he skips the lettuce and essentially every vegetable, because he’s 7 with horrible parents, but observing his serious concentration over the other offerings was almost too much. After piling his plate full of plain pasta, croutons, and chick peas, I watched as he dumped three heaping servings of shredded cheese on top of it all. And then, when he thought no one was looking, he went back for fourths. (Henry was too busy at the other end of the salad bar, loading up on pickled shit.)

Chooch sings Katy Perry songs because he knows how much I hate her and he is just that mean. We were cracking up in unison over something that Henry deemed inappropriate (could have been anything, really); Henry was trying to silence us with his Dad Eyes (yeah, good luck), and this of course made Chooch nearly vomit, so he excused himself to run off to the bathroom. When he came back, he said, “And by the way, I laughed so hard in the bathroom, that I puked.”

“Was anyone else in there!?” I laughed.

“No,” Chooch said wistfully. “I wish.”

And so we started cracking up all over again, which made Henry sigh and my stomach ache.


  • Henry’s mom, back when she was in Van Halen. I cannot stop laughing at this picture! Henry said it was from around 1983, before he went to THE SERVICE. She is probably not smiling in any photo taken of her during the time he was IN THE SERVICE. She still recounts those days as though he had gone off to Vietnam.
  • It snowed again last night/this morning so Chooch’s school was closed. This is how I felt earlier today thanks to More Snow:


  • But then this happened:


And I died at my desk. I DIED AT MY FUCKING DESK. Those are three of my favorite bands, on tour together. Cleveland, I will be all up in you on May 21st. (Already requested off work since my proposal of working a normal shift was denied and I will apparently just have to continue to request off every time I plan on going to a show.)

2014 might suck already for a plethora of reasons, but at least there are some good goddamn shows in my future. (Dance Gavin Dance is also going on tour in May!) I’m so excited to hear the new Emarosa album, that it is almost consuming my thoughts.

Hope comes in small doses sometimes.


  • And with that, I leave you with a picture of some paper Chooch filled out for school. It seems that I have lost a large chunk of my memory in which Henry married me and then I gave birth in Rome. Not shown: Chooch’s desire to fix the future (“Free iPads for everyone”) and his favorite food (“almond Hershey Kisses,” which is news to me).

  2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Proof of Life”

  1. I can’t believe you forgot about that time you moved to Rome, got married, gave birth, then came back to the US! OMG Chooch is a riot. That picture of Judy is so amazing! Her freaking Van Halen hair. I like it almost as much as I like Henry’s McNichols locks.

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