Aug 182010

poopycake, originally uploaded by appledale.

I still think this is my greatest creation ever. MAYBE EVEN BETTER THAN CHOOCH. Or at least, tied.

That was also probably the best birthday party I ever threw for someone. Too bad she completely didn’t appreciate it.

P.S. This was going to be my first attempt at the Wordless Wednesday I see all the cool bloggers doing. Too bad I had to go and rape it with words.

  11 Responses to “Happy Poopy B-day Cake, circa 2003”

  1. bwhahah I would have thought it was hilarious…. you can make me a cake anytime you want lol

  2. Ha, I see more wordless Wednesday posts WITH words than without! I guess bloggers just like to talk…

  3. What is wrong with Santa? Did he get a case of Botulism??? That is awesome. I should make one for my sister for her bday, she would get a kick out of it!!

  4. Every day is Poopy for Bill.

  5. That takes the cake ;-0 Happy WW!

  6. that is priceless…is that Santa vomiting?

  7. off to a great WW start – I think you have a classic here

  8. I like it! I especially like how it looks like Santa is pooping out of hims mouth.

  9. That’s awesome, when I was 11 my Grandma made me a B-Day cake filled with gummy worms that were crawling in and out of the cake. Favorite cake ever!

  10. HA! that is hilarious!!
    Mmm. Poopy fudgy cake..Delicious!

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