Jun 172023

No one asked but here’s the merch I bought at the Cure concert last week! I have the day off on Monday and am going to do my best to hammer out the details of that night. Still processing, I think. Emotions are annoying.

It’s me, your friendly but mildly stand-offish Cure gallery docent. LET ME SHOW YOU ALL AROUND. (Just kidding, I’m busy this weekend. 📞 for appt.)

I also bought two posters – one for the entire tour and one that was specific to the Cleveland date. I love that The Cure commissioned artists to make collector posters for each date of their tour. I’m not gonna like, I don’t love the one that we got for Cleveland, but it’s the show I went to, so I will accept it. The Houston poster was the best one, IMO.

Henry framed them before I had a chance to take a decent picture. Way to go, Henry. But anyway, here they are, jazzing up the last blank of the house!

And here’s a better look at the Cleveland poster.

I love concert posters so much!

Can you believe that these two posters and t-shirt cost nearly the same amount as one t-shirt from the last two kpop concerts I went to? LOL ugh, kpop is killing my bank account.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am trying to get Henry to take us to Cedar Point so maybe I will do a CP liveblog?! Also, I had the equivalent of one beer tonight at dinner with my sister Amy and her husband Dick, and now I honestly feel like I might pass out and also I don’t want to be thinking of the rollercoasters I might be riding tomorrow, ugh.

This week has been so disorienting.

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