Jun 222023

Chooch has shown a sudden interest in learning how to play tennis which pleases me greatly because I played for several years throughout middle school and high school and to this day it was the only thing I’ve ever truly been good at. He asked me if I still had my old rackets and I was like “LOL hell no, I trashed all those in fits of rage. I used to have full blown tantrums on the courts.”

“OK so nothing has changed,” he said.


Then I tried to tell him that Andre Agassi was my #1 bias and he cut me off to say with annoyance, “Yeah I know. One time he was in a crossword I was doing. All I said was ‘Andre in tennis’ and you screamed OMG AGASSI I LOVE HIM.”

Anyway, I guess one of his friends wants to try out for the team next year and hyped up Chooch in the process. I am on board with this but trying not to be TOO enthusiastic because then he will definitely abandon it and take up, I dunno, country line-dancing instead out of spite.

Chooch the Overnight Prep left sailing class tonight and went straight to a tennis court, where he & a friend played doubles with “two old moms.”

Henry, who had seen these broads later when he went to pick up Chooch, said, “Um, they were more like college-aged?”


Anyway, I’m changing his name to Chip. Or Preston. Bucky, maybe? Janna is getting a sweater for him to tie across his shoulders.

Anyway. Sailing and tennis. Brookline prep. ⛵️🎾

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