Jun 252023

My friend Alyson asked if we were going to have engagement portraits done. I hadn’t thought of that. I mean, after 22 years of waiting, you’d think I’d have entire portfolios of wedding ideas scribbled out, and there was a while there back in like, 2010-2012, where I really thought Henry was going to ask (I had friends texting him and harassing him on Facebook so I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t!) so around that time I was really collecting ideas in my head.

But then he finally asked me two weeks and every last component I had filed away for my Imaginary Never-Wedding just…blew away on the breeze of the proposal. It’s crazy, just a blank slate up there now and I’m lowkey panicking about it and kind of just don’t want to do anything?? What is happening.

Anyway, the idea of engagement portraits seemed like something that just didn’t make sense for us. We have been together for so long. I feel kind of ridiculous about this whole thing. But Alyson and some of my other friends have been adamant that all these things still apply to us, we deserve to go through the motions and experience the process like everyone else.


I just feel so awkward about it.

Anyway, when we were at Cedar Point last week, I decided that maybe it would be fun/funny to snap a few “ring flex” shots. Casual, at one of my favorite places, taken by Best Son, lol. He was thrilled to assist, as you can imagine!

So anyway, here are a few pictures of us being dumb and trying to hurry up and ‘er done before too many people saw because I was sooooo uncomfortable!

Henry looks shell shocked as usual.

“Wait, let me pretend like I’m going to choke him,” I suggested and then slammed my hand against Henry’s throat before he had a chance to protest.

Selfie. Chooch needed a break.

Wow Henry smiled. Also, photog cameo!

I was probably saying, “Hurry up and take it” because people were walking by and looking and I DID NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT.

Anyway, we can scratch that off the list now. We are not PDA-types of people at all so I can’t imagine doing anything more in depth than just these, with a stranger behind the camera. No thank you.

Meanwhile, the only thing I have been able to focus on is where I want the honeymoon to be – KOREA OR ROMANIA??? I tried to lobby for BOTH but Henry just frowned and said, “They’re nowhere each other.”

Um, OK? No wedding and two honeymoons, then?


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  1. You both look so happy though!!

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