May 092008

Enjoy a ‘movie’ Corey and I made back in 2001, when he was eleven and I was awesome. The pictures were taken with a Polaroid i-Pix and then Henry, whom I had just started dating and was trying always to impress me because I was so awesome remember and he was just dumb and old, was all, "I’m going to take over now and make it into something splendid because I have a new program that I want to play with." It’s very archaic.

Corey and I had to ask my mom to take some of the pictures and I remember she was all bent out of shape about it. "Can’t you see I’m playing spades?" I never thought I’d say this, but I yearn for those days now that she’s been swept up in the tide that is MySpace and YouTube.

Aside from that stupid photo shoot I did with him recently at my grandma’s, we really haven’t engaged in any antics in a long time. I think he got too cool for that or something, I don’t know. But I’m hoping at the very least this weekend we run into a creature of the night offering bananas.

Or at least a goth offering some cloves.

  6 Responses to “Hoping for a sequel”

  1. Omg. I forgot about this and it totally cracked me up. From the Andy Gibb love at the beginning to remembering Corey’s drag days, to Dracula, “the nice man in the corner”, this is really funny and I love it.

    Here’s to hoping you two have a memorable weekend in Philly. =)

  2. can’t wait to go home and watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    think i’ll leave early… just because of it!

  3. ok! i remember this b/c of the soundtrack. remember when you made me listen/watch all that stuff from those locusts ppl and i was a little freaked out…

    and the 1st dracula scene actually scared me!!!!!

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