Jul 112023

Considering we were only in FunSpot for 4 hours, there isn’t too much to recap in addition to the ArieForce One gushing I put you guys through the other day. I will say that we had such a nice experience with the FunSpot staff and just the park in general, that I was inspired to email them to tell them so. We’re so quick as disgruntled, jaded humans to fire off complaints at the drop of a hat, but I think it’s very important to send compliments when they’re deserved, as well. I only hope that management shared my email with the staff because they’re the real ones!

I’m gonna do a photodump now, ok? Ok.

I didn’t want to ride this but I was just standing there when Chooch started to walk up the steps so the ride operator was like, “Do you want to ride too?” and I didn’t have the heart to say no. It was no WACKY WORM, but it wasn’t too bad for a kiddie coaster.

I guess.

I thought it was so cool/interesting that the bumper cars are inside the arcade/cafeteria! In general, I really liked the vibe here.

Unsupportive Dad not watching us playing air hockey (I pummeled Chooch, btw).

The color scheme of the skee ball machines (I was so close to creating a tongue twister) was beautiful.

The only annoying thing about the arcade was that we spent 50 cents each to enter some “vortex” thing which only ended up being one of those spinning tunnel illusions. We were in and out in less than 30 seconds and Henry’s mustache curled into a WTF. He really thought he was going to have some “me time” while we were vortexing.

He really thought.

You can see how this used to be a parking lot.

My hair was WRECKED on this day. It never stands a chance in the war against humidity.

Waiting for Hurricane, one of the jankiest coasters I’ve ever ridden.

It actually wasn’t too bad for the first 2/3 of the ride, but I made the mistake of saying, “Oh wow, this really isn’t that bad.” Then all hell breaks loose and it started to feel like we whipping around square corners. Not muh fave.

There were young girls that were screaming maniacally on Riptide, so I started screaming too. Then, when we were walking off the ride, one of the girls said, “I heard you sceaming!” to another girl in her group. But that girl fired back angrily, “That wasn’t me! I don’t who that was, but I kept screaming at them to shut up.”

I did the “looking up and whistling” routine at that point, realizing she was talking about my nearly 44-year-old ass, lol.

Chooch’s eye roll here is everything. 100% Chooch.

No one wanted to go on the ferris wheel but me.

You guys. It was a really great trip. A whirlwind, yes. But I have no regertz. And I can’t wait to see what FunSpot has in store over the next several years!

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