Jul 262023

Fingers crossed that this trip actually happens unlike our last international coaster trip which was booked for…the beginning of April 2020. I’m superstitious in general so I have been having mild little fits of panic over this. But at the same time, I want to open my front door and holler ONE MORE WEEK AND YOU CAN EAT MY DUST PITTSBURGH!

Just kidding. I would be nicer, maybe.

Anyway, after this coaster tour, the three of us are hanging back in Stockholm, and then taking an overnight ferry to Turku, Finland where we will begin the last portion of the trip exploring Helsinki, some of its surrounding islands, possibly Tampere (game time decision) plus a daytrip to Tallinn, Estonia.

I’m excited to dust off my vacation journal and then crack open the spare one I bought in case I run out of room in the first! I’m excited to rack up new inside jokes with Chooch at Henry’s expense! I’m excited to HOPEFULLY make new friends within Coaster Crew! I’m excited for new #carouselfies, being in new-to-me countries, eating so many cinnamon rolls, and buying Pippi merch in Sweden! Obviously excited for all the coasters too!

Not excited about leaving the cats. :( Or the airports. Or the payments I will be making for the next too many years on the loan I took out to pay for this. But, MEMRIES. I want Chooch to have all of the experiences while he is still living with us!

Ahhhhh. I’m hyper. I can’t wait to send postcards! I’m going to be really annoying (moreso) for a while but please know that I will also be very hyper aware of that.

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