Oct 072010

Screwing around with some old photos at work while I have a little bit of an unusual lull. 

Chooch zombified himself with my iPhone:

Some other things:

Hockey season has begun! The Pens game starts in 30 minutes, which means I will be acting all indignant and put-off every time an analyst brings work for me. Can’t they see I’m TRYING to listen to the goddamn game?


Of course everything would be doubled-over-in-hysteria funny tonight at work since I have chest pains. Ow.

I posted a review of the new Chiodos album last night. It was met with a very “Bueller?”-esque reception. Some random girl on Twitter read it and said it was well-done. That was good enough for me. Really fucking love Chiodos, in case you haven’t figured that out, considering I have an entire blog category devoted to them.

Kettelbell workouts are my jam.

  9 Responses to “Some Old Photos + Brain Sundry”

  1. If there is a lull, why did I stay until 6pm? That was bullshit.

    I started to listen to the Chiodos link you posted with baby Elena this morning, and we liked it for a little bit, but then she wanted to listen to her glowworm play the mockingbird song.

    • Haha! To be fair, I’m sure everyone else was busy. But since my “boss” is away this week, I’ve had no spreadsheet to keep me entertained.

      That’s so cool that you guys listened to some of it! You just made my night.

  2. I love the first picture. For some reason, the man wearing the giraffe mask creeps me out a little bit.

  3. You are hilarious! “Can’t they see I’m TRYING to listen to the goddamn game?”, well at least you’re honest with your co-workers. Maybe they’ll bring in a tv or something and watch the game, or at least give you a break.

    Oh, didn’t know the Iphone could do all that. Chooch zombified was scary!

  4. What you did with the first picture reminds me of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”. It makes the houses look model-like.

    Good luck on your party this weekend! I hope it’s a huge success. I wish we could have found a way to make it, but we’re too booked up. :(

    • Thanks Michelle! I hope it goes well too. I’m ready to eat some PIE!

      And shit, thanks for sharing that Etsy shop with me! Those shirts are fantastic! I’m considering just getting an XS and having him grow into it because they’re too cool to pass up.

  5. PS: I just saw this etsy shop and they have zombie on a bicycle tee-shirts. I, of course, thought of Chooch.


    They didn’t have any listed in kids sizes, but she does make kids shirts too.

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