Oct 152010

I’ve been trying to take photos of Kara’s baby Harland forever and something always arises, whether Chooch is busting open his mouth or peeing in his pants. Seriously, he did that as soon as we got to the park on Wednesday. He never pees himself! And I didn’t have any spare clothes because, again, he never pees himself! So we had to leave the park as soon as we got there.

Tried again today, and even though the weather seemed iffy at times, it all worked out. Plus, Henry was there this time to provide an extra set of hands, and he was so insulted when Harland immediately reached back for Kara when Henry was holding him, yet allowed me to hold him. Me! I figured that it was just probably because my chubby body was cozy for him, but Kara said it was because he could tell babies make me nervous.

And they do. My fear must smell like Blow-Pops and babywipes.

But honestly, how would YOU react if you were a baby (or adult!) and suddenly found yourself ensconced in the arms of some retarded pirate-looking man with a molester-stache and poorly executed jokes?

And I can only imagine what Harland must think of Chooch. He eyes him up suspiciously. And Chooch has had a crush on Kara since the beginning of his time, so he’s kind of suspicious of Harland as well. There was one scene where Choocj watched as Kara sat Harland on her lap and together they slid down a slide. Chooch thought it should be his turn next, so he ordered Kara to put her baby “over there” while pointing to the ground a few yards away. Henry and I had to explain to him that she couldn’t abandon her child just to free up her lap for Chooch and he was kind of like, “But you guys abandon ME all the time….?”

Don’t ask.

I haven’t gone through all the pictures of Harland yet, but goddamn is that kid cute!

  3 Responses to “It’s Friday. Have 2 Photos.”

  1. It’s always the way. Nothing ever goes as planned, but sometimes…somehow….it all works out.

    He looks like he’s asking you if his butt looks big in those jeans. :hehe:

  2. Yep- those are some freakin’ cute boys!

  3. THAT FROWN! Oh dear, I am picturing that one shot of you about to stomp your foot as a child!

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