Jan 062024

Remember when I was all, “Yay! I finished recapping our coaster trip before 2024 begins!”? Well, joke’s on me (and you) because I realized I had some photos from The Good Camera that hadn’t been edited yet. These are all from our day in Tallinn. Look or don’t look, I’ll never know!

Booksbooksbooksbooks *drool*

We ate breakfast here and it was nice. 

On the way to tour the tower thing. Is this some gang sign that I don’t know about? A signal for help that Henry and Chooch created for times when my dictatorship becomes too much to bear?

This was taken inside the tower thing. You know, that thing. It’s a tower.

On one of the tower walkway things. My favorite part about the tower portion of our day is that I was using a lens on the camera that was fully-dirty/smudged and had no idea because my eyes are so jacked. So pretty much every picture I took inside that wasn’t taken on my phone is trash. I am so profesh! Hire me.

No Korean. </3

Henry captured my mid-allergy attack inside a cafe, thanks.

Obsessed with the architecture here.

St. Olaf’s Church, center, has a 400 foot high spire, one of the tallest in the world.

Highly recommend this viewing area – Kohtuotsa viewing platform.

Steven Seagull” apparently has his own Instagram page, but I think this was just a random seagull that happened to be hanging out there.




I think I would like to get some of these printed and framed but you know, I have zero room left on my walls so I guess I will have to figure something out. (Henry, can you build a floating wall or something?!)

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