Oct 282010

When I picked Chooch up from school yesterday, all the kids were wearing these lame-ass spider headdresses.

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Chooch was not pleased – not even a little.

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I made him keep it on for the entire BLOCK we have to walk to get home and he bitched the whole time, like he was afraid some hot preschool broad was going to roll past on a squeaky tricycle and catch him looking decidedly non-bad ass for once.

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So tomorrow is this fucking Halloween party at the school. Henry is my chaperone. Please pray for me, you guys.

  4 Responses to “Spider Headdresses are so 2007.”

  1. Oh he looks thrilled. LOL I know it’s down to the wire on the Halloween party, but passive aggression is a powefrul tool for mom clicks. I tried so hard w/my son’s last school to help and there were some moms that had to be queen bee and make me feel like an unprepped moron. Soooooo I learned to “just at the last minute” (ie- too late to ask your permission, bitch) make cool treats or buy them if short of time — when I wasn’t on snack duty. Simply to show them up. (These are cool: http://kidsfunreviewed.com/halloween-party-treat-witches-finger-cookies/)

    Another passive aggressive shot would be wait until the queen bee is getting ready to serve and start talking loud enough the teacher hears you re: some ingredient recall that would be in her item. or health dept violation rumor. hehehehe

  2. He looks like he hates that thing. I have to say I have never seen one of those and I am 99% sure we are past this point in school (I hope). lol

  3. Ahahaha. Ahahaha. AAAHHHAA. You are a HUL-larious momma. Poor little guy.

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