Jun 182011

Hey zombie fans! Halloween may be a few months away, but if you’re a true lover of the undead, it’s never too early for cemetery-flocking and brain-craving. And just for you guys, I have re-added some zombie-related shit to my Somnambulant shop.

If you’re a real George Romero fanatic, you might be aware that Night of the Living Dead was filmed an hour or so outside of Pittsburgh in the Evans City Cemetery. I’ve turned some of my photos from that very cemetery into pendants, and by that I mean I literally make 4 every six months because this crafting business is exhausting, you guys.

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Actual photos, which I am hoping to have available for purchase sometime in the near future over at Appledale Snaps:

And here they are in pendant-form:

They’re $15! Go get one!

Here is what people are saying about them:

Jane from Ass Stew, Arkansas purrs, “I spent my last $10 on this pendant instead of cat food. Now my cat’s dead, but at least I have a cool pendant. And something to eat.”

Timothy from Toenail, Utah writes, “Gave this to my mother for her birthday. She keeps saying it feels like zombies are trying to burst through her chest like it’s a brick of solid grave dirt.

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This makes me happy because I hate my mother.”

Ulysses from PeePoo, Canada signs, “Ever since I bought one of these, pianos keep coming dangerously close to falling on me as I walk through seedy neighborhoods collecting money for the deaf. Clearly this is a good luck charm.”

If you’re in the market for paper goods, maybe looking for some sort of LOVE card to give to the mailman you’re stalking, I have some zombie-flavored note cards over in my other shop, non compos cards:

It’s proven that this card will brainwash even the chastest of priests into falling in love with you. Besides, the zombie was drawn by Chooch!

This concludes my quarterly plea for sales.

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Carry on.

  12 Responses to “Where I Pimp My Shops, Kinda Like a Commercial”

  1. I love the pendant reviews, goddammit you’re funny!

  2. I can’t wait until the day I can visit Ass Stew,Arkansas. These pendants are a great idea.

  3. The pendant reviews are priceless, lol! And Chooch’s zombie is the cutest. My hubby and I love Night of the Living Dead, but I honestly had no clue that it was filmed outside of Pittsburgh.

    Have a Great Weekend Erin!

    • PIttsburgh is like Zombie City because of George Romero! Dawn of the Dead was filmed in Monroeville Mall, which is also not far from Pittsburgh. There’s even a little zombie museum in it! :)

  4. As a proud owner of one of these pendants I can say they are bad ass!

  5. Love cemeteries. So beautiful and creepy. <3 Chooch's zombie drawing. It's nice and bloody. Not sure if you have ever listened to Tom Sharpling's Best Show, but when I read "carry on", I couldn't help but think of Spike.

  6. ok so i’m not so much into the whole zombie thing… but i love a good b&w fabulous photograph… and a antiquey looking pendant! these things are gorgeous! as soon as my ass has some money…. (i hate working for the state)… i am gonna try to go buy one of these… i hope you made more than 4 this year LOL

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