May 202008

We didn’t have any milk in the house, and since cereal and oatmeal are the only things I can make marginally edible, Chooch got to eat popcorn for breakfast. What, it’s practically a vegetable.



  8 Responses to “Only thing missing was a good horror movie”

  1. that’s my homeboy… but he needs to stop looking so mature!!!!!

    at least it was fresh popcorn, right?

  2. Haha “Mom is great…gives us the chocolate cake!”

  3. i dig the dino pj’s.
    totally awesome.

    and popcorn for breakfast is full of win.
    it looks like delicious popcorn.

  4. Popcorn = no. Kettle corn = YES YES YES.

  5. Seconded on the pajamas!!

    Did you load it up good with butter and salt?

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