Jan 052011

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I will forever miss working with Tina, her mysterious oozing facial gashes, her need to remind the world that she knows it all, and – most importantly – her man-stance. According to another ex-co-worker, she has apparently moved back to Wyoming, a state whose existence I always forget. Wyoming is SO LUCKY.

And I’m sure (all) you long-time blog reader(s) really miss reading about her. (Yeah right!) No one at my current job comes close to emulating her crudeness, her need to remind us all she was IN THE SERVICE, and – most importantly – her femmullet. I’m pretty sure this is a very good thing, though.

I have a real post on the way. I have been sick and staring at the NHL Network with glazed-over eyes all morning while Chooch is in school and I should be getting real stuff done. NOT SO MUCH.

  7 Responses to “(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday: OMG ex-co-worker Tina”

  1. Feel better soon. I’m glad Wyoming got Tina too.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sometimes I think I miss hearing her loud ass as soon as I walk into the building at 7am…

  4. Lol, for some reason I always say “Wyoming isn’t even real.” It’s so forgotten. Until I said it one day and some one lashed back and said, “Yeah it is. I’ve been there.” Ouch.

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