Jan 162011

I think I mentioned last week that I’ve been trying to take a picture a day of Marcy, mostly because she is so hated among my friends. I’ve been having fun with it (when I remember to do it) because the look of disdain Marcy flashes me each time is priceless.

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Seriously you guys – when/if  Marcy dies, stick a fork in me.

Looking down on me. (Everyone’s favorite sport!)

Skeptical of one of Chooch’s toys

Fishy kisses!

Marcy Dorklestein, early for class.

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The Reigning Queen

In other weekend news, I obviously survived my first real life ghost hunt! It was an amazing, visceral experience and I have no idea I will put it all into words.

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But trust that there will be a write-up about it sometime this week, with photos. And there was more rollerskating today! So far, the winter is losing the war against my sanity. Fuck off, winter depression.

  3 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday: Marcypalooza”

  1. She is so beautiful!

    I love Kitties, have four myself these days.


  2. Hate and fear are very different. I do not HATE Marcy, I am terrified in FEAR of her. She’s a cunning little thing, purring and loving you one minute and slicing off your limbs with her razor sharp claws the next… You’re playing with fire Erin…

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