Feb 102011

Low budget and it shows, mediocre-to-poor acting, horrible sound quality, but somehow it manages to be extremely effective. Of course Henry didn’t think this was scary at all, but I was very messed up by it, to the point where I was pretzeling my limbs around Henry in bed later (when typically, I’m kicking and punching him for snoring) because I was THAT SCARED to go to sleep.

Trust me when I say I dealt with his animalistic snoring for the night.

I tried to find a picture of this weird wooden box that’s used in the movie. It’s like a small, almost coffin-shaped black trunk of sorts (decorated with a crucifix, of course) which opens up wide enough to fit around a head. At the top of the box, which is the end that is looked out of once it’s being worn, a picture of the murderer’s husband (some sort of pastor) and JESUS is slid inside, so that’s what she’s looking at when her husband is going to town on her, kind of like a full-cranial S&M Viewfinder. I think that was the scariest part of the movie for me.

But now of course I really want one of those fucking helmets. I bet Lady Gaga knows where to find one.

(Totally should not have watched this movie. I’m getting so wussy in my old age.)

  3 Responses to “Death of a Ghost Hunter trailer – addendum to last post”

  1. looks scary.

    Oh whats that you say, i have included a URL? how astute of you. I think as I move off twitter, I will be strictly writing my fictions.
    Now I feel like a shameless self-promoter.

  2. It isn’t even funny how scared I get at semi-scary movies, ie thrillers. I’m such a wuss it is pathetic. I had dreams for a week that the Vampire King of Mississippi from True Blood was trying to kill me after watching the show in the middle of the damn day. Sometimes I wonder if I should be medicated. Seriously.

  3. Thanks, I won’t be able to get that little girl’s face out of my head now.

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