Jun 122008




I took this at Round Hill Park back in April, with my Holga. It makes me think of murder. The photo, not my Holga. Although now I’m thinking of taking pictures of murder with my Holga. There’s a nice thought-train to help me travel through the night.

One of these days, I’m not going to be able to come back out of my thoughts, and that will be a frightening day.

  7 Responses to “Death by A-Frame”

  1. Ha cool picture! It is dark and murder-esque isn’t it? Can’t really tell that that day was happy and sunny, can you? I love your Holga.

  2. i wish people could make scary movies inside your pictures.

  3. A frightening day for us all, indeed.

    I like this photo! You always get such good angles.

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