Feb 202011

I was going to take some pictures of Chooch outside yesterday, but the sun was one deceiving motherfucker. It was so windy and cold, so we took the ‘shoot to the bathroom, which I’m sure chagrined some people who absolutely HATE it when people take photos in their bathroom. (Seriously, this was a discussion on Facebook the other day.

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I mean, excuse me if that’s the best-lit room in my house. Sorry that my STUDIO hasn’t yet been erected. Jesus Christ. And yes, we DO put on our makeup and fix our hair just to take pictures for Facebook, because photography = art.

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Total Creeper.

Me and my passive aggressive attitude are going roller skating now.

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Peace out, girl scout.

  7 Responses to “Bathroom Glamour Shots”

  1. Back when I was talking photo classes I did a shoot in a bathroom. I had my friend on the toilet with a paper while I laid on the floor and took his picture. Take that, people on Facebook!

  2. your kids is giving me some weird jack nicholson vibes!

  3. That kid rules!

  4. An adorable child is the main attraction in the picture and what do I focus on, the shower curtain. Love it.

  5. This reminds me of the time I went to see The Runaways at our local indie movie theater. I was a bit drunk (rare for me) and spent most of the movie in the bathroom taking self portraits because it had FANTASTIC lighting. When I got back, all my friends were hissing at me that I missed the sex scene.

    Still worth it.

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