Jun 202008

I’m coming down to cut you open. It’ll only take half a second.

  11 Responses to “Farfel Longwave”

  1. I miss seeing those Paul Bunyons around here. Where’s his blue ox?

  2. this picture is awesome!!

    the contrast in the clarity/brightness of your current killer… and the darkness of the background and the not quite in focus trees… makes this one of my favorites.

    couldn’t you see me with that hanging in my room?

  3. There’s one of those in Parkersburg! Where is that one?

  4. Oh wait, the one here is a big scary indian…

  5. have you seen Semi-Pro? it was filmed here, in my town and there are a few shots where a big statue of alfred e. newman is visible. well… alfred e. bunyan, really. it’s alfred’s head and paul bunyan’s body. anyway, it’s a big wacky statue that stands out in front of a second hand store a few miles from my house. every time i saw it in the movie i cracked up.

    hmm. there really wasn’t much of a point to this, except perhaps to try to impress upon you how silly alfred e. newman’s head looks on paul bunyan’s body.

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