Mar 232011

I had a horrible nightmare about my grandma’s house last night.

  17 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Grandma’s House, 8-17-08”

  1. Um, yeah….I would too with that creepy painting…

  2. That is a really eerie, interesting shot. The angle adds a lot to it.

  3. I always have re-occurring nightmares about her house for some reason..

    • I think it’s because it holds such sadness and regret for us these days.

      Mine last night took place in the larger game room. I was giving tours for some reason and it was really awkward because these strangers were asking me questions about every single object in that room and how it related to me. Then someone was wrapped in a rug and killed because apparently there was some wicked spirit down there and no one could get out of the house and I pretty much never want to go down there again!

      • Hah.. don’t worry about that because at this rate, we WILL never be down there again. And I really couldn’t agree more with your first statement. soo so sad..

        My favorite is when my re-occuring Grandma’s House dreams morph into one with my re-occuring Michael Myers dreams.. those are INTENSE! I should have never been allowed to watch those movies when I was like, THREE haha

  4. Growing up we had the same wall paper with dark wooden paneling in the basement where my father kept his bar. A painting of a sea scape dark green waters twisting in a storm with the same garish style frame. Remembrances of this place also could conjure a nightmare.

    • That sounds like my kind of basement.

      I love my grandparent’s house. The decor is so eclectic, some of it even bordering on bizarre. Shag carpets, chandeliers, creepy busts, velvet wallpaper, even a toilet seat with coins embedded in it. Unfortunately, my aunt makes us jump through rings of fire just to get inside and visit my grandma, so I haven’t been there in some time.

  5. Please tell me that is your kid because he was a freaking adorable baby. (for the record, he’s still cute now, too).

    • Thanks! That’s Chooch when he was 2. :) I haven’t had a chance to read your blog since last week because of this awful sickness that’s taken residence in our house. Ugh, withdrawals!

      • Such a sweet face he has! OMG I’ve been uber-delinquent as well. This whole “working” thing is getting in the way of my blog reading. LOL.

  6. I am completely in love with that wall paper!

  7. That boy is so cute. The wallpaper I am not so sure :)

  8. love this image the colors are great.

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