Jun 222008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 15:31 Christina said she’s thankful I bounce my ideas off her & henry before doing anything stupid. Kind of offended, still laffing. #
  • 18:57 @buenomexicana because u stink so bad? #
  • 19:00 Earlier, Tina did her signature sleazed out snort-laugh. Bob laughed knowingly and I fought the urge to punch myself in the gut. #
  • 22:57 @buenomexicana hopefully a bomb in his rectum. #

  • 14:27 Our local porn shop is closing. What the fuck is becoming of this world?? #
  • 19:48 Set off alarm at arts festival. Ran very fast. #
  • 09:04 Chooch walks around reciting his own version of the alphabet and I think its rubbing off on me. Luaj. Oajs kasu. Yajsu. #

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  2 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Tweets”

  1. your tweets could potentially be so incriminating…

  2. Looks like Chooch may have come up with his own language! A cross between Esperanto and Japanese!

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