Jun 252008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 14:05 Having urges to go to a lake and I don’t even like lakes, unless lake has brownies. #
  • 18:40 apparently i said goodbye too sweetly to bob so now tina is talking about the babies that bob and i will soon have together. #
  • 19:38 Wonder how Bob feels about the name Ursula for a girl. #
  • 19:52 it’s a lovely night for bringing out the butcher knife. #
  • 22:16 Blake and his friends call Henry "Abe," but Henry doesn’t know why, other than he’s about Abe Lincoln’s age. #
  • 09:22 I’m glad Chooch is watching Labrynth because now I’ll finally be able to threaten him with the Goblin King. #

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  4 Responses to “Some Tweets to Choke On”

  1. Ursula is a good name. I hope bob agrees.

    You and chooch are so awesome.
    Just for the record.

  2. I know the REAL reason you’re watching Labyrinth. David Bowie’s spandex package. You could always threaten Chooch with the Bog of Eternal Stench (ie. my husband’s bathroom).

    • Oh God, he was so hot in that movie! Even when I was little, I would always wish it was ME dancing with him in that damn masquerade ball scene.

      I was so distraught when I found out his hair wasn’t really like that IRL, lol.

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