Apr 252011

Yay! We’ve managed to make it an entire half decade without killing our son/having him taken away from us! And contrary to popular concern, he actually does know that his real name is Riley and not Chooch. You can put down the fiery spires now.


This morning, after he had been up for about an hour, he looked at me and very seriously asked, “Wait—-so am I five now?”

When I confirmed, he quietly whispered, “Yessssss.”

I told him this means he can finally live alone in that abandoned shed we saw a few streets over.

I think he knew I was joking.

Or was I?

Happy birthday, Chooch! You are one goddamn celebrated kid.

  9 Responses to “The Big Oh-Five”

  1. Happy birthday Chooch!

  2. Happy Birthday, Chooch! Hope your fifth year is the best yet!

  3. I wish I could give him a great big birthday hug. So you’ll have to just give one for me and tell him that it was his picture that got me out of the hospital as soon as I was. :) I hope he has an absolutely AWESOME fifth year on this planet in his very own abandoned shed.

  4. Awww, happy birthday to Riley! Five is being a big boy now! (Maybe y’all can dissemble the shed and bring it to your backyard for him?)

    I’m really lucky because mine are teens now. And they know everything under the sun! I had no idea I was so stupid, but thank goodness for my teenagers who know everything so I don’t have to be dumb anymore!

  5. Holy crap, I can’t believe it. I remember his birth story and how you laid awake all night watching him.

    Happy birthday, Chooch!

  6. I freaking love his skull sweater. He’s such a cutie!

  7. Your pictures amaze me every time. I mean, wow.

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