Apr 282011

This is my current desktop background on my computer at work, so that every time someone walks past, they will ask, “Oh, who is that fine ginger?” and I will at that point have a chance to yell, “OMG THAT IS JONNY CRAIG” and then proceed to say as many words about him as I possibly can before said co-worker peaces out of the conversation without so much as an, “Oh sorry, I think Grandma Cleavage has some lingerie she needs me to help her knit.”

Because even though he is the douchiest, gingeriest singer in the scene, he is still my favorite and I want to be talking about him all of the time. Last week, I made Barb listen to one of his Emarosa songs.

(Poor Barb. She has to hear me mouth off about this guy prettty much all of the time.)

So far, only one person has asked. He was whatever word is lower than “unimpressed,” I’m sure.

  8 Responses to “because I’m 16. Or 12.”

  1. Wanna know what my desktop is? “Do Me a Kindness”. Winnebago man for life. But I digress, I’m not a fan of gingers, but he is hot.

    • This is one of the better photos of him. Sometimes I think, “Aw he’s so cute” but most of the time I find myself cringing at his gingerness (he had a mullet for awhile, bad times) and close-set rodent eyes. I’ve met him a few times and he has this impressive ability to make a person want to punch him in the face within .0002 seconds of meeting him.


  2. That’s dope. I am also 12.

  3. You gotta admit that that is HOT! New follower via blog hop. :) Hello!

  4. I have a shameful secret to admit to you, Erin. I have a weakness for ginger boys. I don’t know what it is! Most of them are pretty goofy looking, I know, but every once in a while there’s one golden god of a ginger that makes me crazy. I won’t judge you for Johnny, even if he is a douche ;)

  5. I’m sorry… What were you saying? I stopped listening as soon as the photo loaded.


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