Jun 132011

I bought Chooch some Aquasaurs for his birthday, this intriguing kit of “prehistoric water pets.”  We apparently can’t have normal pets in this house. The first batch of “eggs” I dumped into the water never hatched. I bitched for awhile about how they were duds, but then Henry tried the second half of the batch and the eggs flourished, so of course it was all my fault and he gloated about it for a few seconds before I kicked him in the stomach.

At first, the baby Aquasaurs were little flecks, the same way sea monkeys start out in this scary world, but after about a week they pretty much began doubling in size overnight.

Every night.

There are some in the tank that are so gigantor, I have to turn away in fear, cupping my hands over my mouth in case the dry-heaving escalates to something more fruitful. (Literally; I have been eating a lot of melon these days.) One is at such a maximum girth that I promise you he casts a shadow over the room when he swims to the front of the tank.

The fact that I’m so freaked out over these bastard sea monsters only makes Henry and Chooch like them even more. Last week when I was at work, Henry emailed me a video he took with his phone. I assumed it was going to feature our child doing something douchey, I mean adorable, but no. No, it was the FUCKING AQUASAURS.

I coughed deeply and violently, swallowed my tongue briefly, and then deleted it.

THEY ARE EVEN BIGGER TODAY. I didn’t believe Chooch when he said, “Mommy they’re even bigger today!” BUT THEY ARE EVEN BIGGER TODAY. Some of these fucking nasty, slimy, forked-tail pieces of sea-shit are rivaling the size of standard goldfish. (I JUST SHUDDERED AND I CANT EVEN SEE THEM FROM WHERE I AM SITTING.)


The only bright side to this whole pet debacle is that at least this isn’t something that can be extracted from the tank and thrust at my face in a taunting fashion. I mean, I think Chooch knows that. I HOPE Chooch knows that.

I was in Wendy’s office earlier tonight, trying to explain to her these obnoxious “scientific delights.” She went to YouTube and proceeded to find the most revolting Aquasaurs videos known to man.

Like this one:

Some of my work friends are grossed out by the sea monkeys on my desk but I guarantee, once they watch this video, the sea monkeys will seem like cuddly kittens to them. I very honestly do not even have my feet on the floor right now because I’m so afraid one of them is going to escape and slurp up my leg and turn me into an incubator for a new species and OMG NOW I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT.

  16 Responses to “Pets, or Appetite Suppressants?”

  1. Ugh… that is so gross. OMG. Those things are IN YOUR HOUSE! How do you sleep? You’re a champ, that’s all I can say. As a new mother of a baby son, I am so not looking forward to the vile things the boy will someday bring home. Oh, ew. Still getting the heebiest of jeebies from those things. Blah.

    Thanks for stopping by A Wide Line today. I love me some Jillian Michaels. Her DVD kicks my ass. Or at least it did before I had the kid. :)

    • I used to be really into frogs (Pacman frogs especially!) so I would always have an old coffee container in the house filled with crickets, which was really hard to deal with. I never thought I would wind up with a “pet” that made me more skeevish than reaching my hand into a tin of crickets. :(

      Hey—I give you credit. It took me like two years after having a kid before finally deciding to try and lose the weight!

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! Now I know what to get my dad for fathers day!

  3. I can’t even bring myself to push play. Just seeing the still makes me want to vomit… I’m glad Sascha doesn’t know anything like this exists. He’d probably beg me for them and love them for the 2 months he’s home then I’d be stuck with them when he goes back to his dads. ick.

  4. Eek, I wasn’t grossed out until I looked them up on the web. They’re cannibals! Whichever triops/aquasaur survives was the best cannibal of them all! >.<

  5. Just be happy they don’t fly!

  6. hmmm, interesting, you should throw some sea monkeys in the tank and see what happens!

  7. Just finished googling these assholes. Eww!

  8. That made me vom in my mouth a bit. Nightmares tonight!

  9. Ew…I actually feel like I’m going to barf. I’m getting light headed…

    They fucking EAT EACH OTHER?! Ugh!!

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