Jun 202011

I don’t normally buy those exorbitantly-priced photos taken at the most inopportune times on roller coasters because they can make even Jennifer Aniston look like her fourth chin is giving birth to an alien flesh-sac with crossed eyes. But after I saw the one of Janna and me on the Sky Rocket, I started laughing so hard that I had to use my thighs as bladder-tourniquets. Janna had this intense look of “Please don’t buy this” in her eyes, almost as if she just knew what was going through my mind.

“I have to have it,” I blurted out to the guy working the photo booth. Suddenly, $10 seemed cheap for a memory that will last a lifetime. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time we waited for it be printed. Janna seemed considerably less amused, but every so often I’d get a nervous laugh out of her.

I couldn’t wait to show Henry when we met back up with him and Chooch. I began laughing all over again, that insane staccato chuckle I’m notorious for when things have reached the Apex of Giddy. I even cried a little; people were looking at this point.

Henry looked at the picture and just frowned. He was probably angry that I had the audacity to spend my own hard-earned money on such frivolties instead of Desitin for his sweaty summer balls.

This picture is so fucking bad, it’s amazing.

  1. If I look like this on a ride that isn’t even scary, I can only imagine how I’ll look if I ever find myself hunted in an Alaskan* forest by Michael Myers carrying a boom box that’s a’blast with Katy Perry’s Worst Misses. Coincidentally, this is also what I look like when Henry makes me have sex with him. :(
  2. This was taken .002 seconds after Janna cupped Josh Groban’s ballsack and then died of happiness. What a peaceful corpse she makes.
  3. Someone once told the guy in the front seat to treat every moment in life like it’s a deodorant commercial.

I have more pictures and shit to say, but this was the definite highlight of my day. I hope that when I’m on my death bed, someone shows me this, because that’s really how I’d like to peace out.

(*Alaska scares the shit out of me.)

  17 Responses to “Best/Worst Picture of Me”

  1. I may or may not have laughed so hard that I pissed myself. I’ll never tell.

  2. Holy shit balls. That’s hilarious though. I mean, I’ve seen worse of me.

  3. hold on…. not looking at you yet… still looking at guy in front…


    That is beautiful, Erin. You look like you’re making that sound my sister makes when she’s describing people who stand in front of her in line at the supermarket.

  4. HAHAHAHA your face is Priceless. Props to you for posting this!

  5. Janna looks hilarious, so prim and proper, like she’s clutching her handbag in anticipation of the next hymn.

  6. I never, ever, EVER laugh at anything the way I just did over someone I don’t know. Erin, that picture and post just had me laughing my ass off and my husband looking at me like I was nuts. Omg that picture is well worth $10.

    • You just made my day. Henry refuses to laugh at this picture!

      • How is it possible to look at this picture and not laugh? I am dying just looking at it again. It reminds me of a picture of me about 15 years ago on a ride at Cedar Point in Ohio. My hair is going straight up like a troll and and I have the most petrified look on my face. I wish I still had that picture!

  7. I’ve never gotten a picture from a roller coaster, but I do love the guy in front, especially. LOL. Maybe one day I’ll get on a coaster again (little ones freak right now if I suggest I do such a thing). Stopping by from the Mom Loop Friday Follow!

  8. I love that you reference henrys summer balls, all nonchalant. It made me cry. No lie.

  9. We have a pic of me from Cedar Point with the top of my tube dress flipped down. And my tiny little bra covering tiny little bee-cup boobs, lol

  10. Trying to leave a voice comment but it won’t let me :( Anyway, your post always crack me up. And that picture, wow, that picture.. I’m going to print it out and frame it cause that’s EPIC FACE. You always make me smile, Erin.

  11. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Best photo and best caption of a photo. Ever.

    (most annoying comment. ever.)

  12. So glad you visited my blog, because I found you right back and am laughing so much tonight! I don’t think I’ve ever read the words “Desitin” and “sweaty balls” in the same sentence. Makes sense though…

    The photo cracked me up, of course. Even more so since I don’t know which girl is you!

    Thanks for making me pee a little.

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