Jul 222008

Making my desk prettier, with a side of bacon and eggs. Too bad my address is so blurry, was hoping to get new stalkers. Oh well. Maybe for Xmasz0rz.

EDIT: Oh Jesus Christ. Hang in there, Craigery. Fuck.

  12 Responses to “this is sadly the most exciting thing at my job right now”

  1. that is rather pretty…

  2. My daughter reads Alternative Press and has been complaining about the same thing. Did they get new writers or something?

    • I’m not sure, actually. But I know that the reviews have been really awful lately. I mainly only read the stuff written by the guys because the girls never seem to know wtf they’re talking about.

  3. Hey there stranger! I adore the eggs and bacon! Too cute…

    How’s the bambino?

  4. We’re good! We’re “off” from softball season right now which is why we were so busy the past year. Dave is coaching Kayla’s team and I was coaching Lily’s team. We frigging lived at the fields. It’s all good though – keeps me outta trouble! I have to got to see pics of Riley – he must be so big by now! Off to peruse here to see where they are.

    • It’s weird because there’s someone else that goes by Kell that comments here ocassionally and for awhile I thought it was you! Then I realized that she had a different email address.

      You can add a feed for this site on LJ, if that’s better for you!


      My posts will show up your friends list like old times, but if you comment directly to the LJ ones, it might take me awhile to see it because I don’t get notification!

  5. Holy cow, I can see both of you in his face! Hoover cut his hair?! My Gawd, where the hell have I been?

    • Isn’t it shocking almost? Lol. I was so used to him wearing those bandannas and now I can hardly picture him with one on.

      That’s pretty much all that’s changed though! He’s still gay.

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