Jul 272011

Pretty much everything this week will be “[       ]: Warped Tour Edition” because I just lived my favorite day of the year last Friday. So either pretend you care or come back next week, I guess. I know, it sucks. But I’m just so happy, you guys!

Waiting for the doors to open. I make Henry get there super early every year because I have anxiety ever since the time in 2007 I relied on some douchebag (read: ex-bff Christina’s retarded sister) to get there on time, which we did not and I missed motherfucking CHIODOS, whose set time was the same time the doors opened. I still have horrible flashbacks to that day.

Of Mice & Men are one of the few bands I’ll fight to get up front for at my old age.

One of the cool things about Warped Tour is walking past a stage and being pleasantly surprised by the hiphop you hear. Grieves with Budo were a high-point of the day.

As close as we could get to A Day To Remember, but I didn’t care. Having 90% of the crowd at one stage just opened up a bunch of other opportunities for us.

See this post to see how THAT worked out.

I keep wanting to write my actual post about Warped Tour but then I get sidetracked with watching videos from it on YouTube. I’m in denial.

  2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Warped Tour iPhonography Edition”

  1. Awesome! Does look like a lot of fun was had…I have never been but only heard great things about the tour. That first band shot is my favorite, such a great shot!

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