Aug 172011

Randomly, we were at some family reunion on Saturday. Someone Henry’s mom is friends with invited us. It wasn’t awkward at all. (It was awkward.)

Anyway, after an hour or so, I noticed this guy straight out of the 1970’s skulking along the perimeter of the pavilion. He had on some sort of muscle tee paired with denim cut-offs that were just a hair or eighteen too short. At first I thought he was just some random creeper trying to con a free wiener off the grill, but Henry said he was part of the family and belonged there more than us.

He was even talking about his Trans Am at one point. (This is according to Henry, who it turns out also was captivated by him.)

But the kicker was his hair, which was akin to Willie Aames circa Eight is Enough, and I couldn’t stop laughing about this because Henry is basically a walking Kristy McNichol. They could have talked about their penchant for keeping alive the coifs of washed-up 1970s child actors.

Look at that natural feathering!!

This picture is over a month old. His hair is already halfway to the luxurious length Kristy sports in the picture above. He keeps threatening to get a hair cut, but I’m REALLY trying to go as Little Darlings for Halloween.

Back view of his far-out McNicholish locks.

My little Henry McNicholhair.

ETA: Today when I came to work, Sandy had printed out a copy of this and taped it to my monitor, so now all of my co-workers know I’m dating a weenered Kristy McNichol.

  7 Responses to “Henry “Kristy McNichol-Hair” Robbins”

  1. That Dynamite cover is priceless! lol I’m starting to worry at how many of my childhood memories you’re dredging up in these recent posts… :P (I KNEW Henry reminded me of someone, and now the mystery is solved!) ….and Little Darlings! The puberty-riddled boy that once was I is REELING! GOD HELP ME!

  2. Hi!
    I’m your newest GFC follower from one of my many hops! :) Visit when you have time!
    :) Steph

  3. I wish my hair would feather like that.

  4. This totally made my day. I almost spit out my coffee all over my screen.

  5. GREAT………now one of my childhood “Crushes” has been trampled and totally weirded out!! Though I have to say that she does strike and errie resemblence to Ralph Macchio(THE Karate Kid) in Drag!?!?

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