Aug 272011

I never intended to have this many posts about the fair but what can you do when there is such Big Fun involved. Here’s the leftover photos that I didn’t have time to use but now I do because Henry’s work alarm went off at 4AM and I thought it was the Let’s Go To Tennessee alarm. Henry told me to go back to bed. Yeah right.

Neither peach nor dumpling.

Henry’s ex, but smilier.

Chooch does not support apostrophe misplacement.

The Cobra: the ride that made me lose it on the Jersey Shore girls. This was actually taken while it was broke down earlier in the day. Yet I was still determined to ride it.

What everything looked like to me while riding the Cobra. Quite possibly the fastest spinning ride I’ve ever ridden. No bueno.

This old man was infatuated with Laura’s Magnum Corn Dog and made a big production of asking her about it. Later, he tried to coax his wife into choosing our table, but unfortunately she sat down at the one next to ours. It was a little alarming.

Chooch was being a real fucker. I have no idea how the whole area didn’t clear out. His least favorite time at the fair is when the Old People need to sit down and eat. I sort of side with him on this, but I was actually starving that day too and was really focused on dipping my coconut shrimp in the strange marmalade that came with it. I wish I was eating that right now.

I think this is the first time we actually explored the rest of the fair, like the taxidermy tent. At the exit, there was some small stuffed animal standing erect (I actually didn’t pay attention to what it was, meer cat maybe?) but it had a sign that begged for hugs. When Chooch obliged, some old man on an oxygen tank rasped into a small microphone, “Oh, that’s nice. I like hugs.” Chooch made me do it next and the old man said, “Oh, I like your hugs, too” as my boobs smashed against the animal’s face. It was completely creepy.

Chooch got to build a toy basketball hoop (boring) which would fast become the bane of the day.

And fish. (Boring.) Henry got all Bass Master 5000 on him.

Ahhh, that guy to the left! Totally belongs in the Overlook.

Scooby Shack cost a dollar extra, and the sign says NO REFUNDS all big and boss-like. Chooch swore he would walk through it so I slapped two 1’s in the hand of a chubby old lady carny only to have Chooch peer around the first corner and say, “Nope. Too scary.”  Little bitch baby ran back over to Henry but I wasn’t trying to waste my dollar too so I walked through. Alone. I turned the first corner and then ran the rest of the way. It was fucking dark in there, you guys. And a little scary. I mean, I was in there ALONE. #excuses

So that concludes my account of the fair. I can’t believe summer is almost over. Think I’ll go cry about it.

But first I should probably pack some stuff. I’m getting really excited to resurrect my Henry and the Weeners series on this vaca!

  7 Responses to “Westmoreland County Fair 2011: Photo Dump”

  1. The photos are fabulous! LOL, what’s with that guys face?(the overlook guy) Looks like something out of a scary movie. These photos have made me excited about our upcoming local fair! Thanks for sharing them with all of us! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Ugh. I know butterflies are pretty and all, but I don’t want them touching me, creepy em effers

  3. Completely off subject, but I have to ask — how do you feel about Sam and Freddie dating on iCarly?

    • Torn! I’m a huge fan of them getting together but now I’m sad that the anticipation is over. I really hope they’re not jumping the shark with this!

      However, I was devastated when he dated Carly for a minute.

      What about you?

      • I’m feeling the same way. I never liked the idea of him and Carly together, but Sam’s so pretty and manly. I want it to happen, but at the same time, what’s next? What if they broke up and it screwed up iCarly and the show was cancelled?! My life would officially be over.
        Oh the woes of being in your 20s and addicted to a show geared toward 12-year-old’s. :(

  4. Pahahaha! Apostrophe misplacement! That has to be the reason for the frown, ’cause Oreo’s make everyone happy! :P

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