Aug 302011


With some time to kill before dinner, Henry, Chooch, Bill and I drove a few miles into the national park where I saw a small overlook on our domestically violent nature cruise earlier in the day. I wanted to get a few pictures and then after Chooch threatened 1,000 times to perish over the side of the hill, we packed it up and headed back.

Coming around a bend, we saw a pick-up truck idling along the side of the road.

And then we noticed why.

(I got a better face-on photo with my actual camera, but this was the best I could do with my phone.


MOTHERFUCKING BEAR! It was just chilling there near the edge of the woods; then it began to hiss, making me yearn for my Marcy.

Chooch of course wanted to get out and ride it and soon lost interest when we assured him that wasn’t going to happen, so he went back to threatening to cut Bill’s throat with his MagiQuest wand.

Someday maybe he’ll understand how awesome this was.

I have been hoping to see a real life bear in the wilderness ever since we got here.

I’m so happy right now!

  4 Responses to “Gatlinburg, Day 3: BEAR!”

  1. I’m glad you got to see a bear – we didn’t see one when we were in Gatlinburg. Did you go to Clingman’s Dome? Ripley’s Aquarium? Chooch would like the shark exhibit.

    If Nashville weren’t so far from G-burg, I would highly recommend going to the Parthenon. Life size replica of what the original one might have looked like in Greece complete with an art-deco statue of Athena.

  2. I would have shit myself. Bears are right up there with sharks for me. I never want to be close to one although I think it’s cool that you were able to get this shot.

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