Sep 142011


There was a rainbow at work last week. It’s hard to get work done when there is a rainbow taunting you from outside.

Not that I need anymore excuses to distract me from work.

  8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Law Firm Rainbow”

  1. Ah! That is a nice view. I have a view of the wall in front of me. Woot. Woot.

    • My view is also a wall, but if I look to the right I can see out the window of someone else’s office. I’m happy with that, considering my last job was in a basement with no windows at all. :(

  2. You totally stole my wordless Wednesday. I was going to post a rainbow. I might still, if I even get around to posting. I love rainbows. Very pretty!

  3. That’s a spectacular view with or without the rainbow! Good one, Erin!

  4. You captured a really great moment. On Sunday we saw several rainbows but your picture is more soothing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us on the blog frog.

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