Nov 142011

Thanks to everyone who contributed to last week’s blog birthday party thing! It was a lot of fun to go back and read the posts that my friends favorited and who knew Henry was going to come through at the final hour. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

And now the giveaway is finally here!

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I wasn’t lying this time!

To recap the bounty:

  • 5 eyeshadows and 1 blush of your choice from My Pretty Zombie cosmetics = $33 value
  • a custom Somnambulant painting from the skullz0rz series = PRICELESS. J/K, probably like $20

  • one mp3 CD chockful of all the bands I mention on here constantly.
  • random last minute miscellanea.

So go! Enter, and enter often! There are tons of different ways to get extra entries, like by submitting a sketch of Henry! (If you’re one of the awesome people who already sent me one, you can already check that off as one entry.

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) Comment on the posts that my friends chose as their favorites last week – each one counts as an entry! And if you’re a dude, you should still enter.

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You never know when you’ll be entering a drag queen pageant and then you’ll really be glad you have 5 shades of hot, glittery eye shadow at your disposal. Or just give it your wife/mistress/daughter/mistress’s daughter/bus driver.

Just, thank you. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and making me feel nice. You guys rule.

Giveaway ends on Saturday.

  20 Responses to “The “Thanks For Reading This Shit!” Giveaway is here”

  1. You’ve made me cry frequently (mostly with laughter) since I started reading your blog.

  2. I have loved your sense of humor and wit and brains for years! There is simply no one else like you on the planet (Thank goodness?!) – and ime an that lovingly!

  3. My favorite it post…. um. Do I really have to pick? If I do. I think I loved the ones from when Andrea visited the most. <3

  4. This blog is so full of good stuff! It’s always worth it to read and I’ve been doing so for the million years that you’ve been writing!

  5. Since I’ve read so many of your blog posts, but have the worst memory ever, I’m going to have to say that my favorite blog post of the moment was Henry’s post about you. It’s pretty much what I expected him to sound like. But don’t worry, Erin, you’re still much funnier than he is!

  6. Why do I read Oh Honestly Erin? The pictures are always fabulous and great eye candy, but it’s your acerbic and wry witty commentary that makes my day whenever I read. I quite literally and frequently Laugh Out Loud when reading irregardless of where I am, (no doubt making the old ladies on the bus think I’m a looney.)

    Favorite Post? There are so many. I like everything you post about Halloween, Haunts, & Amusement Parks and other odd morbid related subjects.

    One of my favorites is the saga that starts with “Mommy Cliques: Round One” XD How can anyone resist the promise of the opening line, “I knew it was a dumb fucking idea as soon as I penciled in my name as a volunteer for the upcoming preschool Halloween party” ?

    If “laughter is the best medicine”, then Erin is my pharmacist. ;)

  7. So here’s the for real reason why I read your blog. I have always been weird, not met a lot of people who think like me, not met many people who don’t try to pretend they are someone they aren’t just to fit in with everyone else (yeah, even as an adult there are too many cliques) I don’t have to be all rainbows,fluffy kittens and prayers to Jesus to be a good person, and am okay talking about poop,bitches, and how annoying life can be when it sucks. I like that you are real and say the things that people I know would just be akwardly silent about if and when I do say those kind of things.
    I think your writing talent is better than some great books I have read and your art is beautiful.
    So there ya go. I don’t always have a comment to post when I read your stuff, but I gotta read every single one, just gotta.

  8. I miss livejournal, where i read you ALLLLLL The time… but, i only read you now and again now… shame on me!! I’ll be better reader, and see what’s up more! :)

  9. I love your blog! So much that I still read it on my phone!
    I remember when Alyson told me of you and how hysterical you are.
    I remember reading a few entries, this was on lj, and I was sitting alone in my apartment cracking the fuck up!
    in the years since we’ve gotten to know one another and I genuinely like you! The only Leo I know that I hold in high regard!
    I think you’re a cool person, funny and weird, and I dig t!
    And that, my dear, is why i’m here!

  10. Okay, here’s my sketch of Henry, a.k.a. Erin’s Personal Manservant:


  11. My fav post?
    Animal mask wedding post FTW!

  12. did I find you? Random LJ connection years ago. We’re old school, y0.

  13. It’s hard to choose my favourite, but there’s still something about That Fucking Tomato that makes me laugh, just thinking about it.

  14. I was introduced to your blog via Rick Maue, on Facebook, and am very glad that I found it.

  15. It may be juvenile but I really love any of the posts that you draw dicks on things(mainly Henry). I think I found you through Rhonda’s blog three or four years ago, and then i secretly wanted to be friends but was like oh man…shes too cool for me, shes going to think I suck

  16. Ooooohh this is a load of incredible stuff!!!!

  17. Okay, todays entry, as promised (er, kind of promised), is Zombie Henry!!
    It’s a Plants vs. Zombies homage, as that’s my favorite zombie meme (did I use that word right?).

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