Apr 072020

Hello! April is well underway and I still have some books left to read from my library raid last month, and several lined up on Libby and Overdrive, but I thought it would be nice to get some recommendations from my Internet pals. I primarily like horror, contemporary, thrillers, and apparently magical realism I guess. I’m also not above cracking open a juicy YA book every now and then, too.

On my TBR “shelf” currently:

  • Attachments – Rainbow Rowell
  • Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng
  • Eliza and Her Monsters – Francesca Zappia
  • A Girl Made of Stars – Ashley Herring Blake
  • Pachinko – Lee Min Jin (I actually started reading this last year, lost it, then recently found it but now I have all these other books to read sorry Pachinko!)
  • Final Girls – Riley Sager
  • 13 Ways or Looking at Fat Girl – Mona Awad

Currently reading:

  • Gingerbread – Helen Oyeyemi (almost DNFd numerous times)
  • If We Were Villains – M.L. Rio

I changed my 2020 reading challenge from 30 books to 75 because it’s pretty clear that I’m going to have all of the time to do nothing but read and exercise for the next (x) months so BRING IT. (I’m already 63% to my goal lol.


Anyway – please give me some suggestions! Hopefully I can get ’em through Libby while my beloved library is closed.

Watching people talk about books on YouTube and adding books to my “want to read” shelf in Goodreads is one of the few things I have going on in my life these days and it’s holding my sanity together with a very flimsy binder clip so help me please thanks.

Nov 142011

Thanks to everyone who contributed to last week’s blog birthday party thing! It was a lot of fun to go back and read the posts that my friends favorited and who knew Henry was going to come through at the final hour. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

And now the giveaway is finally here!

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I wasn’t lying this time!

To recap the bounty:

  • 5 eyeshadows and 1 blush of your choice from My Pretty Zombie cosmetics = $33 value
  • a custom Somnambulant painting from the skullz0rz series = PRICELESS. J/K, probably like $20

  • one mp3 CD chockful of all the bands I mention on here constantly.
  • random last minute miscellanea.

So go! Enter, and enter often! There are tons of different ways to get extra entries, like by submitting a sketch of Henry! (If you’re one of the awesome people who already sent me one, you can already check that off as one entry.

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) Comment on the posts that my friends chose as their favorites last week – each one counts as an entry! And if you’re a dude, you should still enter.

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You never know when you’ll be entering a drag queen pageant and then you’ll really be glad you have 5 shades of hot, glittery eye shadow at your disposal. Or just give it your wife/mistress/daughter/mistress’s daughter/bus driver.

Just, thank you. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and making me feel nice. You guys rule.

Giveaway ends on Saturday.

Nov 102011

One of the items in the THANKS FOR READING giveaway will be a custom version of this painting:



If you win and don’t like it, it would probably make a good door stop or fireplace kindle.

Hopefully that gives you incentive to keep reading and enter.

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If not, I can maybe throw in a Henry-prepared casserole and some through-the-kitchen-window Polaroids of Hot Naybor Chris.

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Tip: the giveaway possibly has something to do with the old blog posts my friends have shared on here throughout the week.

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You don’t think I’d make this EASY do you? Pop quiz all the way!

Jun 172011

We’re going to Kennywood on Sunday and it is literally all I can think about because I’m in third grade. I even bought a new shirt to wear! Janna is going with us and bitch better take some Dramamine because I have no other spinny ride partner.

I take amusement parks very seriously and usually by the time June rolls around, I can be found doing little else but Googling various fairs and theme parks (I may or may not do this at work, as well) and creating a summer itinerary for Henry to fuck up a thousand different ways, causing me to wail, “This is the worst summer ever!”

So this is why I haven’t been doing much on here this week. Every time I sit down to blog, I wind up watching videos of new fair rides on YouTube or reading my old amusement park and county fair blog posts. (And subsequently fixing 87 typos since I never re-read my posts until like, a year later.) It’s just that there is little that makes me happier than waking up on a day when I know there are gnarly rides, terrified shrieking and making fun of moms with really bad tattoos and smoker’s voices in my future. I don’t remember ever having a feeling even close to comparable in my belly on Christmas morning. I AM JUST SO EXCITED, OK?! What gets your belly all knotted in excitement?

As filler, here are some recent photos of my child whose excitement level doesn’t even come close to matching mine. (Hopefully he actually has fun this time and isn’t a crybaby bitch like he was last year. Or maybe that was me.) KENNYWOOD 4 LYFE.


May 172011

“Beauty Has Her Way” is the epitome of the ’80s for me. It’s impossible not to associate it with The Lost Boys, which will always be one of the best vampire movies of all time (get fucked, Twilight), and to this day it’s still my favorite movie soundtrack based on the strength of this song alone. It’s one of those gems that I would never, ever skip over when it comes on.

I always wanted it to be about me.

But then, what girl (and Henry) wouldn’t?

I had their only release on cassette, which I found years and years ago on eBay and it was already pretty warn. Today, I found it on soulseek and I almost died, hearing “Chestnut Tree” again.

It’s making me want to have another 80s party.

What song defines the 80s for you?

May 032011

Chooch has decided that the theme of his upcoming birthday party is Star Wars, which I suppose is an improvement from “carrots,” because I was having a hard time finding carrot-y decorations.  I have less than two weeks to think of non-gory, G-rated ways to entertain a bunch of fucking preschoolers. However, this is not my area of expertise*; my knowledge of Star Wars is very base at best, so suggestions are welcome.

(*Really, if it’s not inside the covers of Alternative Press, a sport played on ice with a puck, anything horror-related, or a show called Degrassi, I’m definitely not your girl. Go ask Google. I know very little about the world around me.


Things would be so much easier if he had just let me plan Zombie Party 2.0 like I wanted, but this is one of the few times I was able to step away from my inflated ego and admit that it’s not always about me, motherfuckers.

(Though it should be.)