May 172011

“Beauty Has Her Way” is the epitome of the ’80s for me. It’s impossible not to associate it with The Lost Boys, which will always be one of the best vampire movies of all time (get fucked, Twilight), and to this day it’s still my favorite movie soundtrack based on the strength of this song alone. It’s one of those gems that I would never, ever skip over when it comes on.

I always wanted it to be about me.

But then, what girl (and Henry) wouldn’t?

I had their only release on cassette, which I found years and years ago on eBay and it was already pretty warn. Today, I found it on soulseek and I almost died, hearing “Chestnut Tree” again.

It’s making me want to have another 80s party.

What song defines the 80s for you?

  6 Responses to “Mummy Calls”

  1. Sadly all I can think about is Debbie Gibson or The Bangles…

  2. Just Like Heaven by The Cure, Our Lips are Sealed, by the Go-Go’s…oh I could go on and on…I graduated HS in 1986 so I know what I speak of.

    • You’re lucky! I graduated in ’97 — the 90s, in my opinion, was a music wasteland. (Right now, all the grunge enthusiasts are booing me.) It wasn’t until AFTER the 90s that I found all the good stuff from that decade, after most of the bands had broken up, lol.

      P.S. The Cure is my favorite band of all time!

      • Oh, I love The Cure. Pictures of You and Just Like Heaven both bring tears to my eyes. So symbolic of those years for me!

  3. So hard for me to pick anything from the eighties when there’s so many different songs that were my soundtrack.
    Since I first read this post, I’ve had “eyes of a stranger” stuck in my head.

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