Jun 172011

We’re going to Kennywood on Sunday and it is literally all I can think about because I’m in third grade. I even bought a new shirt to wear! Janna is going with us and bitch better take some Dramamine because I have no other spinny ride partner.

I take amusement parks very seriously and usually by the time June rolls around, I can be found doing little else but Googling various fairs and theme parks (I may or may not do this at work, as well) and creating a summer itinerary for Henry to fuck up a thousand different ways, causing me to wail, “This is the worst summer ever!”

So this is why I haven’t been doing much on here this week. Every time I sit down to blog, I wind up watching videos of new fair rides on YouTube or reading my old amusement park and county fair blog posts. (And subsequently fixing 87 typos since I never re-read my posts until like, a year later.) It’s just that there is little that makes me happier than waking up on a day when I know there are gnarly rides, terrified shrieking and making fun of moms with really bad tattoos and smoker’s voices in my future. I don’t remember ever having a feeling even close to comparable in my belly on Christmas morning. I AM JUST SO EXCITED, OK?! What gets your belly all knotted in excitement?

As filler, here are some recent photos of my child whose excitement level doesn’t even come close to matching mine. (Hopefully he actually has fun this time and isn’t a crybaby bitch like he was last year. Or maybe that was me.) KENNYWOOD 4 LYFE.


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