Nov 102011

One of the items in the THANKS FOR READING giveaway will be a custom version of this painting:



If you win and don’t like it, it would probably make a good door stop or fireplace kindle.

Hopefully that gives you incentive to keep reading and enter. If not, I can maybe throw in a Henry-prepared casserole and some through-the-kitchen-window Polaroids of Hot Naybor Chris.

Tip: the giveaway possibly has something to do with the old blog posts my friends have shared on here throughout the week. You don’t think I’d make this EASY do you? Pop quiz all the way!

  3 Responses to “Giveaway Glimpse”

  1. I nominate the August 4 entry after Warped Tour, and I also nominate the Warped Tour 2011 entries. I am still perusing my favorites, but wanted to get this down somewhere before I forgot and/or my day got too hectic.

    I love your posts about music. Your passion for music runs so deeply, it hurts, and you make us feel your pain, and it’s beautiful.

  2. I love the skullies!!

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