Nov 182011

I was on the phone with Henry yesterday when he asked if we were sending out Christmas cards this year.

“I don’t know,” I answered, followed by a suspicious, “Why?”

“Because it’s been a really long time since we sent out Christmas cards,” he said. I started thinking about that and realized the last time, not including the year I sent out homemade serial killer cards to my LiveJournal friends just to be an asshole, was in 2003.

That was kind of a long time ago.

We didn’t even send out “Our Baby Is Cuter Than Your Baby” cards for Chooch’s first Christmas.

“Can we put Jonny Craig on it?” I asked eagerly.

“Goodbye,” Henry said.

“Robert Smith was on our last one!” I wailed in argument.

“I don’t want a druggie on my Christmas card,” Henry growled.

So I guess we’re sending out separate Christmas cards this year. Holla at me if you want one!

Here’s the last/only Christmas card we made. Thank god we only have FOUR cats now. Jesus Christ.

That was a pretty shitty card.

  3 Responses to “We Even Argue About Christmas Cards”

  1. I don’t think it’s a shitty card at all — I love it! (Especially Marcy coming out of the fireplace!) You should do a reissue, with a zombified Chooch in the corner.

  2. I don’t know what it says about me, if anything, but I really like that card!

  3. I love that card to, we have had our share of shitty christmas cards. One year I did a “got milk” theme and we all had milk moustaches, then there was the year I dressed my baby up as santa and had the two older kids pretend to be asleep in their bed (the same bed, which they didn’t share irl, but only one bed would fit in the picture) and their friends teased them for sleeping in a bed with eachother. You totally should do a christmas card this year. One with everyone wearing ugly christmas sweaters would be funny, I might do that this year.

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