Feb 022012

*According to the government and utility companies, anyway.


This was Henry’s dinner spread last night.

“Don’t take a picture of my food!” he pleaded in embarrassment.

My dinner was tuna on crackers (auto correct changed that to Tina, which would have made for a much more interesting blog post) and corn. Here in our Brookline shanty, we eat only marginally better than college students.

Sometimes, Henry will throw all kinds of stuff in a pot, call it soup, and expect me to eat it every day for a week. It’s a wonder how I’m still this fat when I’m essentially eating standard soup kitchen fare.

Holy shit, the Love Unlimited Orchestra’s “Love’s Theme” just came on. BRB have to disco.

  4 Responses to “We’re Not Poor* But We Eat Like It”

  1. Yep, got to love that autocorrect. I’m afraid, however, that Henry’s not my type!

  2. I’m a bit confused by the crackers… on his plate.. not the ones you are eating with tuna. Tuna and crackers rock, btw!

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