Mar 262012


Seriously. Who actually LOVES Ohio? In either case, we had a nice day there yesterday. I’m very tired though & ruing the moment I gave Chooch my old iPhone so he can play Draw Something on his own.

Granted, it’s helping him with his reading and spelling, but he is SO HIGH MAINTENANCE about it and gets all pissed of when people don’t drop everything to guess his drawing immediately after he sends it to them. (omgitschooch if you want to play him.)

(He really is getting so good at reading and spelling though. Through the power of “sounding it out,” he was able to spell “piss” the other day. I’m proud and also extremely surprised that he started with such a PG word.)

At one point yesterday, we were at some playground in this small town outside of Columbus when he patted the pockets of his jeans and exclaimed, “Shit, where’s my phone?!”

Dude, you’re 5. Calm the fuck down and play with some Legos. And no, not a Lego app on your iPhone!


  7 Responses to “Chooch Loves Ohio”

  1. Oh man I Iove that kid!

    My aunt lived in Columbus so when I was a kid we’d visit her once a year. It’s not a bad area, really.

  2. oh i LOVE draw something! totally hooked! i started on it a few days ago and stop myself lol but i can only play at night… the interwebs filter at work won’t let me get it… blasted crap! i’ll have to look up chooch tomorrow when i get home :) i need more people to play with :)

  3. Hey, Drew Carey loves Ohio!

    Did you crack up when he said the thing about his phone?

  4. He did a great job with “PIE”. Also his drawing for “COFFIN” was the greatest. I watched it with the mister and we were both like “AW LOOK HE PUT BLOOD COMING OUT OF THE CORPSE.”

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