Nov 072007

Dear Diary,

Henry is leaving tonight for Detroit. This will be the first time in the rollicking history of our courtship that I’ll be on my own, fending for myself, foraging for berries in the woods behind the porn shop. Scratching my own back.

Oh Diary, it’s true that we’ve been apart before, when I’ve run off to visit Christina in Ohio, but when you boil that down, it’s basically leaving one Henry for another. All of my meals are prepared for me, just like at home. All of my whims are met, just like at home.
The freezer has been stocked with an assortment of frozen meals to help curb starvation. Janna is bringing me Subway tomorrow. If we all come together, I just might make it.

He’ll be home sometime this Friday. I hope he doesn’t find my son hunched over my dead body, pillaging my guts.

Erin, quaking in the face of responsibility

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