Sep 262008

I really, really want to write about the Chiodos show. I do. But every time I try, I get all emotional and hormonal and feel inspired to do nothing more than weep on a mound of studded belts, razorblades and post-hardcore albums. I am hoping that the veil of post-show depression will have been pierced by this weekend and I can resume that thing called “being an adult” and begin to properly nourish myself and spell correctly once again. Seriously, my brain is tramping around on some other planet lately and it’s starting to scare me.

In work-related news, my new job is pretty fucking cool. It’s so laid-back there and it’s really nice to be working in an office again. And no one here wears Crocs and country Jamboree shirts, which is A-plus. I will write  more about  my co-workers soon, but so far they are all normal, funny, and super easy to talk to. The best part is that they fill me in on gossip so I’m not sitting there like the lame new girl, wishing to be included.

We’re going to Target now, where I will buy myself a new pair of Converse as a hearty pat on the back for keeping a new job for a week without quitting.

  6 Responses to “Scattered Update”

  1. excited about your posts on both the chiodos show and your new job!!!

    you always have the coolest shoes!
    and you truly do deserve them.

    i still owe you shoes.

    • I’m glad someone is, lol!

      It’s funny that even with this new job, I still have to drive home thru the ghetto.

      I bought the shoes you were going to get me, unless you want to get me the plaid pair??

  2. can’t wait to hear all about the show, and your job!

    pleased to hear about the lack of crocs. bekki, friend of mine, told me she was getting crocs for work.
    she promised she wouldn’t wear them outside the office.
    well, i saw her last saturday morning wearing the goddamn crocs. she’s lucky i didn’t kick her ass.

    what shoes did you get?

    • I hope you make it to a Chiodos show someday, I think you’d really like it!

      I was going to get these satin Converse that sort of look like ballet slippers, but instead I got a pair of gray flannel boots. They’re super comfortable and quiet, so I can sneak up on people, ha!

  3. “And no one here wears Crocs and country Jamboree shirts, which is A-plus.”

    LOL! Country Jamboree!!

    I was hoping this job was going well

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