Sep 062012


Today on the way to work, I hosted a dance party in the car to Xiu Xiu’s slaphappy hit song “Hi.” I encouraged Henry to join me in chest-popping, but he opted instead to frown while attempting to merge lanes. Then he tried to camouflage his frown with his lower-middle-class American meatfist, as if you guys don’t know by now what his unhappy mouth hole looks like.

Anyway, listening to that song over and over in the car made me super-pumped to come to work! I even yelled through my giggles, “HOW CAN YOU NOT BE HAPPY WHEN THIS SONG IS ON!?” which Henry replied with a twisted smirk of disapproval.

Today is good.

Tomorrow will be too, because I think I am going to listen to this song and “Call Me, Maybe” back-to-back for at least two hours.

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