Sep 192012


As if I wasn’t already totally clingy and obsessed with Marcy, having two of my cats die 5 months apart has only worsened my attachment. Sometimes I have to force myself to let go so I don’t hug her to death.

We’ve still been flip-flopping about getting a kitten to fill the void, but considering I still can’t visit Speck and Don’s graves without crying, or seeing other kittens without crying (especially chubby gray boy kittens), I don’t think this is in the cards for us.

Plus, my friend Jessi recently shared an article about caring for elder cats, and it said that introducing a rambunctious kitten to an older cat is not the best idea. I was telling Henry about this yesterday.

“I mean, can you imagine Marcy with a kitten? She’s already annoyed enough with—-”

“You,” Henry said, cutting me off.


But he’s right. I totally annoy the piss out of that cat. But I think she secretly likes it. Maybe?


This was right after I made her watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. I kept poking her and asking, “Marcy, did you see that!? WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN!?!?” She responds by ruffling her fur and shifting her body away from me.


[EDIT: She just totally fucked up my hand.]

  4 Responses to “First Born – Marciples von Schlugenhusen”

  1. I have the same relationship with Turbo. I squish him and squeeze him and he beats the shit out of me, but at night, we both sleep in the same bed so I think he likes me anyway. Marcy is very pretty!

    • You know they secretly love us!

      I think Turbo is so freakin’ handsome, by the way. Bengals are so awesome! Those were one of the kinds of kittens Henry was looking into getting during the Great Kitten Hunt of 2012, which is how he stumbled upon all those Craigslist cat scams!

  2. I love this. I love your relationship with animals. Especially when compared to your relationship with the other members of your household. :) She’s beautiful. And so are you.


  3. I’m going to choose to focus on the edit for this post. I saw that coming… :p

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